Editing Services

As a writer, I know how difficult it is to stand back and review a book on which you’ve devoted 2 – 12 months of time (or more!), and poured in your heart and soul.

You may seek an editor to refine it — editors like myself have no trouble in looking into your story and picking out what works, what doesn’t, where you could improve and how to hone your story into something which shines and blossoms and other wonderful words. Ultimately, making your book baby better.

  • Foundation in Creative Writing by the Open University
  • PitchWars mentee class of 2017!
  • Entertainment Editor for an online magazine for 3+ years
  • CP’d a VERY SECRET but VERY AWESOME book – publishing in 2019!
  • Two Best Film awards at local festivals for my magical realism / fantasy dramas
  • Pitch Madness winner 2017

Having written YA and Adult Fantasy / Science Fiction for some time now *cough* I am best editing YA and ADULT manuscripts in the following categories:

FANTASY (all subs)

I am VERY comfortable with diversity and LGBTQA+. If you have an #ownvoices book or if you’re a diverse author, please let me know and I’ll happily do a discount!

For queries – any and all genres!


“Ms. Hemming’s feedback proved to be invaluable. She saved my query from doom. Her critique comments force the writer to re-examine everything about the query, from the theme, the plot structure, and the characters. I would recommend her services to any writer who seeks representation.” – B. Spencer Edwards – @bspenceredwards

“Having Jade look at two passes of my query has helped me identify the key parts needing attention, and my query feel much stronger now with her feedback. Jade picks up on the little things, and also looks at the bigger picture and overall layout. Definitely recommend her skilled eye and attention to detail for your editorial needs!” – Nicole L. – @Nicole_Lowrey

“Jade has done a few passes on my queries and a developmental edit on my manuscript, and she is a very insightful editor, offering poignant and constructive advice. She is very prompt and thorough with her work, and I found her suggestions very helpful. You won’t be disappointed with her work! :)” – Kelly B – @kbarina13

“Jade was so encouraging! After receiving conflicting feedback on my query, I over-edited it into a disaster. Jade pointed out everything that needed clarification and gave much needed direction for how to fix it. I definitely recommend her services!” – Amber R. Duell – @AmberR_Duell

“Jade gives prompt and detailed feedback, focusing on both a query’s strong points and its weaknesses. I appreciated her identifying exactly what needed to be fixed and how to do it. She clearly has a lot of knowledge about the publishing process. My current query feels ready for agents. I highly recommend her services.” -Katherine T @bookgirl_kt

“I was stuck for SO long thinking this story wasn’t worth it. Not only did you restore my faith but you showed me the direction I needed to go to get me back on track. THANK YOU!” – Denise T.

“It’s like you knew my characters better than I do. Thanks so much!” – Sandi M.



I am supportive, honest, and will tell you where your strengths are. I propose questions which (hopefully) make you think more about your MS and the information the reader needs or wants to see.

Two of my short film dramas, both with fantastical elements (now I realise it was magical realism) won Best Drama. I was praised for my characterisation not only in dialogue but in what I did to show it. I am good with characters, and I know how to make individual voices shine.

I am a STICKLER for dialogue. I’m excellent on natural, character-driven dialogue, characterisation, pacing and plot holes. I’m not afraid to tell you if you get too rambly!

I point out inconsistencies; I will suggest where to change scenes, smush scenes or add scenes.  I will tell you what may not be necessary, areas you can improve, how to make your prose shine.

PRICES (for prices in USD or other, please let me know!):

QUERY (+ 1 pass) – £10
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SYNOPSIS up to 2 pages (+1 pass) – £20 HALF PRICE – £10
Buy Now Button

FIRST 5 PAGES (+1 pass) – £15
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FIRST CHAPTER (up to 30 pages) – £35 HALF PRICE £17
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FIRST 3 CHAPTERS (up to 70 pages) – £55 HALF PRICE – £27
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FULL MS (up to 300 pages) – £1 a page. HALF PRICE – 50p per page – Contact Me

FULL MS (up to 500 pages) – £1.25 a page. HALF PRICE – 75p per page – Contact Me

FULL MS – 500 pages or more – please contact me for pricing

  • All orders up to First Page will be delivered in 48 hours.
  • First Chapter or First 3 Chapters, 72 hours.
  • FULL MS will be delivered in 1- 2 weeks depending on length or individual needs.

For  more information or to book, please contact on jadewritesbooks@gmail.com. I usually take payments through PayPal invoice, which is able to be processed with many cards or a PayPal account.


2 thoughts on “Editing Services

  1. Jade. Is. Amazing. She caught details after one pass that I never noticed over multiple readings. Her feedback is logical and insightful, she has a brilliant editorial eye, and at times she had me laughing out loud with her comments. She’s helped me with my query and first chapter, so my submission package is as good as ready!

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