About Jade


Jade is a 20-something English writer and compulsive tea-drinker, unashamedly in love with New Zealand and the best at making wholemeal ginger and chocolate chip muffins.

When not dreaming of Middle Earth or cakey goodness, she writes.


Jade was born in Lancashire, UK, and was raised in a household with four generations of artistic and talented women. With theater and cinema careers in her family’s history, Jade’s imagination was allowed to roam far and wide, conjuring up story and play ideas that her dolls – and occasional family members – acted out. Her favourite place to spend time was the library, devouring books not always intended for her age range and when she wasn’t at the library she was at the theater, enjoying the spectacle of life on stage.


The esteemed Elmslie Girls’ Private School was where Jade found and nurtured her love of both knowledge and writing, which she took throughout college studying Film and Moving Image. Eventually she flew the nest and landed in Staffordshire, where she attended University to further her study of film in Media Production. During her three years she developed a knack for Screenwriting and Directing, winning two awards for Best Short Film Drama. This lead her to her first film job on Marvel’s Captain America.


On the last day of Jade’s favourite primary school teacher’s class, the teacher asked her to promise something:

“Always write stories. No matter what else you do, always keep writing.”

Jade is proud to say that she has managed to keep this promise and is rarely without an idea on paper or in her head, scribbling out words whenever she can. She’s currently editing two book projects and in the mean time she continues to work as Entertainment Editor for the online publication Strike Magazine whom she’s written for since 2013.

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