Jade’s Work

(* = award)


The Silent Town – Channillo
Ongoing serial
Monthly chapters of a paranormal romance story for subscription members.

Contributing articles, press releases and blog posts on certain assignments.

Strike Magazine
Entertainment Editor and Columnist
Started 2013. Online magazine, organizing and contributing entertainment articles for online current affairs magazine and reviews.



Untitled Adult SF CollaborationWith Jacqui Casiano



TheCircle – 2015 – 2016
Online and printed members’ magazine, contributing articles on various spiritual topics

MumsRU – 2013 – 2015

Online magazine, aimed towards women and single mothers on all topics.

“Myddle Earth” Magazine – 2014

Writing a series of articles for the Midlands and Wales edition of the quarterly Pagan newsletter, for Pagan Federation

FunkU – 2013

Online music magazine, reviews of local artists featured in this publication

Big Shoes To Fill – 2012

Short Sherlock Holmes story contribution as part of the worldwide campaign to save Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s home from demolition.

The Same Coin – 2010

Short fiction story based on the BBC TV series. Submitted to a fan fiction promotion.

Annis – 2009

Short horror film. A young girl stays up late, immersed in the horror stories of the old days – only to realise she has brought the very evil from the books into her bedroom

The Space Between – 2009 *

Short romantic drama/fantasy won Best Drama at Emerge Festival
Two people are unable to be together, yet share one final dance within a different reality the night before their fate is sealed.

Shell – 2008 *

Historical Drama – 3rd at Best Drama, Engage Festival
Set in the 1950s, a veteran of WW2 must go from loving husband back into the solider on the battlefield to deal with the crime he’s just committed. No dialogue.

Fallen State – 2007 *

Short film script “Fallen State” won Best Drama at Emote Festival
A split second before her husband abuses her in the midst of an argument, we freeze time and see her final thoughts before the final blow is struck.

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