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T5W: Characters That Embody My Hogwarts House of SLYTHERIN

Discuss some of your favorite characters that you feel would share your Hogwarts house. These don’t need to be Houses that have been confirmed by the author; this is in your opinion ūüôā

My house is – SLYTHERIN

Image result for slytherin house

(Big surprise, right? You can pick your jaw up off the floor now)

I love this house. It gets a bad rep, because of the dickheads pooled into it — not like there weren’t any bad eggs in other houses, riiiight? –¬†but Reggie Black and Merlin were good kids imo so it goes to show ambition isn’t that bad!

That being said… here’s my top 5 delicious Slytherin characters

CHRISJEN AVASARALA from the Expanse series

Related image

This. Lady.

She’s possibly my favourite in the entire Expanse series right now, if not one of my fave characters EVER, but she doesn’t swear half as much in the TV show as she does in the books (where is my delightfully sweary old lady who calls high ranking officials fucking bobble-heads?!?!)

She’s perceptive, cunning, wise, plays the long game and strategizes to within an inch of her life. She isn’t beyond playing the ‘weak old lady’ to get what she wants and she covets knowledge. Yeah she could be Ravenclaw, but she is one SNEAKY motherfudger who is ruthless and efficient. She has a sailor mouth and absolute love for her husband that makes me melt, but that never gets in the way of what she has to do.

I aspire to be like her.

ZOYA NAZYALENSKY from Grisha series

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If Ambition had a face it would be Zoya. She’s loyal, of course, brave, intelligent, but overall we saw her ambition really flourish in King of Scars. She has dreams of reaching the heights of what a throne could provide her, being a feared Grisha, teaching those who discriminate and ridicule Grisha a lesson. She has FIERCE power and she’s not afraid to use it.

That to me, is an incredible Slytherin.

VICTOR VALE from Vicious & Vengeful

Image result for victor vicious vale

This guy somehow makes hearts melt even though he’s probably a sociopath and doesn’t give a shit about killing people BUT — it’s his loyalty, and his ambition that makes me believe I can’t NOT put him on this list. Soon as he finds a family that’s it. They’re his now and he’ll do whatever he can to protect them.

HOLLAND from Darker Shade of Magic series

Image result for holland shades of magic

A morally ambiguous character, Holland wanted only to save his London from magical extinction. His past was just heartbreaking, and even though he was a pawn of the Dane Twins for years, he never lost the desire to grab at power if it would give him what he wanted.

MIA CORVERE from Nevernight series

Image result for mia corvere

To avenge her family Mia went to assassin school.

Assassin. School.

She plays one hell of a long game to get to the truth, isn’t above using seduction and sex to get whatever she wants, and has killed to reach the top. She’s also deliciously dark, with some magic inside her that we’ve only just started to see.

Like Reggie Black, though, she still has very strong principles, and she holds a grudge like no business.

Love her.

Honorable mentions: Kaz Brekker, Ronan Lynch, Eli Ever, The Darkling


Top 5 Wednesday

Love Interests You Would Have Broken Up With – Top 5 Wednesday

Self. Explanatory.

I may go off on a few of these.

1. Tamlin / Rhys from the Court Of series.


Tamlin, obviously is a controlling and brutish mess who deserves to die in a gruesome way.

Rhys is charming, charismatic and lovely – until he gets fucking jealous and posessive as well in the third book and the novella which (augh) came out.

The signs are there for both of these men, and while Tamlin is no doubt the worst of them, Rhys isn’t that much better if you look deeper in later novels.

2. Mal (whatever his last name is, i dunno and to be frank – do not care) from the Grisha series


But also his behaviour in book 2 was the shittiest, stompiest crap I’ve seen. He said he loved Alina, and yet he went off flirting and kissing other women as soon as he felt left out because she was going through a tough time, and then had the gall to be offended when Alina flirted with the ever-handsome, Beautiful Book Husband Nikolai.

He was just a mess. I didn’t like him at all, and I didn’t like that ending with him.

I don’t know what even ZOYA saw in him for a one time thing, beacuse she can do miles better.

3. Jessica Bertram and Richard Mayhew in Neverwhere

These two are as bad as each other – she’s up herself, neurotic and controlling, and to be honest Richard doesn’t have a spine, he just flops about without any cause until Door shows up who gives him a purpose in his life.


4. Serena in Vicious

Eli and Serena… well. Serena obviously would have been difficult to break up with, being that she could control people with a word and stop them doing things, but that is precisely why I would have said no thanks.

5. Eizabeth Keene in Blacklist

Holy jesus.

Elizabeth is…. maybe one of the most inconsistent, unlikable, stroppy, backflippingly emotional range of a gnat’s penis of a character I’ve seen on TV.

Every episode it’s like she switches from one endgame to the next, I love him, hate him, suspicious of him, respect him, “I want to know the truth!” *then suddenly doesnt*

This has happened every single series with her spy husband Tom Keene, and has continued after his death.

I¬†hate her. With a passion. Elizabeth is meant to be a doting new mum, who faked her OWN death to get away from her criminal mastermind father, yet after her hubbo died she left her baby with the mother in law, whom neither of them knew very well –¬†because she’s also a sodding semi-criminal – and then flounced off to get revenge on the father who might not be her father but she loves him but maybe she doesn’t and oh christ on a bike

Even Liz’s husband got this treatment from her, back in the early seasons, and I have no idea why anyone, anywhere, respects her or likes her at all.



(Honorable mentions: Ross Geller, Nick from Gone Girl, Rishi out of Dimple Met Rishi)

Top 5 Wednesday

Nostalgic Ships – Top 5 Wednesday

Discuss the first fictional couples you ever got butterflies over, or couples you used to be really into when you were younger.

I’ve never really been a “butterlifer”.

However I did know the couples I wanted to get together, or enjoyed reading/watching, even if they weren’t technically *canon*.


Image result for luna harry ship

I really wanted these two to get together and I was quite upset when they didn’t. I’ve since realised Luna deserved better.


Image result for willow and oz gif

I loved Willow and Oz! They were incredibly sweet and Oz was just the loveliest boyfriend. I know she found Tara, but I still have a soft spot for these two getting together. They were complete dorks and gorgeous.

When she got with Tara I was like “WHAT ABOUT OZ?!” but I did really enjoy Tara. It was the first f/f couple I’d seen on prime time telly.

Image result for willow tara gif


Image result for merthur gif

Now, see… this is the thing. This was queer-coded all over and looking back I hate the direction they took the last series. But I still love these two together.


Image result for the doctor and rose gif

I. Cried.

That’s all you need to know about these two.


Top 5 Wednesday

2019 Reading Resolutions – Top 5 Wendesday

IT’S 2019!!!

And with it comes more T5W and goals for the year. I’ll look back on my 2018 goals in another post, but for this year I want to do the following:

1. Read EVERYTHING on my TBR list.


This doesn’t include books bought in 2019, this is the 17 books that have sat, waiting patiently for me to pick them up, for the last year or more. Or to finish reading them (sorry, Locke Lamora).





I don’t do this half as much as I should and I feel like I miss out a lot on celebrating with authors and hyping them up, so while not necessarily reading-related, I want to celebrate books being released. Cause that’s what it’s all about, right? New books!

3. Read More Diversely

It’s so easy now to pick up a book by an author of colour, a trans author, an LGBTQ, a disabled author… while there’s still a long way to go before we can stop having the discussion of why diverse books are necessary (hi publishing, please don’t put a quota on diverse books, thanks), I am so impressed by the books which are coming out from authors in the above groups.

I want to read more from native authors, queer authors (not just gay cis men), authors of colour, authors who have disabilities, authors of different countries. Which brings me to…

4. Read More Translated Books

Image result for translated booksThere’s a whole wealth of stories out there – Russian lit, South American, French, Middle Eastern – that I need to read. I shouldn’t be scared off by a book which doesn’t feel like it might be ‘my type’ just cause it doesn’t have something magical in it. I need to read more books which are important not just because they show a different side of the world, but of the stories which are important to them there.

So yeah I want to read more, if my library has them!

5. Buy Independently

I want to support local indie book stores, and I would if indeed, we had any, but there are plenty of indie book shops online that I plan on buying from. This also ties in with another goal, which is to buy a physical book per month (if pennies allow) to support the industry, but I’m going for buying 10 new or old releases (from various houses) from indie book stores this year, no matter which month.

So that’s it! My top 5 Reading Resolutions – or at least book related – for this year. What’s yours?

Have a book? Need it proofreading? I’ve got 2 slots available this month for full proofreading services. All info here: Cover to Cover Edits


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Books to Give Scorpios as Gifts – Top 5 Wednesday

Create a recommendations guide for a person. Be creative with this. It can be simple such as “books for parents”, more elaborate like “books for Ravenclaws”, or expert level like “books for -insert your favorite fictional character here-“. You can even take out the category completely and have all 5 be suggestions for different types of people!

I’m actually going to do a video on this, and recommend books for ALL the zodiac, but I couldn’t pass up this chance to advise what sort of books to buy my fellow Scorpios


Image result for nevernight

mmmmmm what a delicious meal this book was.

Scorpios are always said to be great spies or assassins, because we can keep secrets and be manipulative when we want to be. Jury’s out as to whether that’s true (ahem) but this book has secrets, manipulation, assassins, spies, love, sex, blood, murder, and a main character who has GOT to be a Scorpio somewhere. A girl driven by revenge? Yah. That’ll be it.

BONUS: Written by a Scorpio

City of Ghosts

Image result for city of ghosts

For the younger Scorpios in your life, perhaps a dash of ghostly whimsy? This book brings Edinburgh to life and gives younger-me a sense of envy, because I would have loved this when I was littler. Spookiness and ghosts, yes please.

Language of Thorns

Image result for language of thorns

Scorpios are known to be into the occult and also folklore, history, that sort of thing. So this should satisfy the deep fairytale, folklore, grimm’s tales need within your typical Scorpio friends. Lush writing and illustrations make this unforgettable.

This Savage Song

Image result for this savage song

A book where one character’s a monster, another is a monster hunter, and bad deeds generate dark entities? MUSIC? Yah, this should be at the top of a Scorpio’s wishlist.

The Raven Boys 

Image result for the raven boys

Psychics, bad boys, questionable forests and a deeply atmospheric blend of trouble warms my dark little Scorpio heart. Also no kissing because you’ll kill him? So twisted. Yesss.

BONUS: Written by a Scorpio

Honourable mentions:

Coldest Girl in Coldtown ¦ The Poppy War ¦ Stalking Jack the Ripper


Top 5 Wednesday

Bookish Wish List – Top 5 Wednesday

— If you celebrate a gift-giving holiday this time of year, or even if you don’t, talk about the books or bookish items you have on your wish list!

I’m only just getting my Christmas lights up and things, so this will hopefully help me get in the holiday spirit! While I’m not going all-out with requests for presents, because I like to keep things simple for everyone (plus give me a box of incense and I’m fine) this list was fun to think about.

Some of them I’ve had on my list for ages. Onwards!

Image result for mia corvere funko pop

I love custom funko pops, especially this Mia Corvere one! I’ve always wanted a Captain America one, and even though he’s not technically “book” related, I still want a Pop.

Image result for the poppy war

I’ve wanted to read this all year, so I’ve requested it from the mother bear for Crimbles. It’s been so hyped up and I’ve been dying to get my hands on it.

Image result for book and nook candles

So Book and Nook is closing down its candles on the 17th December, and it’s my FAVOURITE candle shop ever. I absolutely adore it. I’m gonna sob. I will do my best to restrain my purchase of all of the candles left, but I would encourage you to check her out.

Image result for bookish pillows

what could be better than relaxing with a book and a cup of tea beneath the fairy lights, sitting on a book-themed cushion?!

Nothing. Nothing is better.

Another item I’ve been watching on my lists for a year now – this piece of art is something I want for my writing den / office / room whenever I manage to get or make one. I love the colours, the quote, the style. Just adore it.

Top 5 Wednesday

Characters You’d Want at Friendsgiving – Top 5 Wednesday

— It’s Thanksgiving in the States this month, but Friendsgiving is a celebration that involves not family, but found family. Which characters would you invite to yours?

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I’d celebrate Friendsgiving for sure. I think it’s a nice moment but would ultimately end with arguments, so maybe not,

ANYWAY fictional dinner with my fictional lovelies.


Image result for nikolai lantsov

Nikolai. My sweet, darling boy.¬† He has charisma by the bucketload, he’s funny as hell and the best thing about the Grisha Trilogy. We could swap quips and generally listen to him talk about his swashbuckling.


Image result for victor vale vicious

I know he’s technically not a ‘nice’ person, and that his super power is to hurt people, but damn if I don’t care about my trash son. He could do with a hearty meal plus he’d probably sit quiet for most of the evening.


Image result for kady grant illuminae

Funny, smart, brave, and absolutely the heart of Illuminae series. I really loved reading about her but she deserves a break after all that space shit so have some dinner, my girl, teach me your tech ways and talk about space.


Image result for luna lovegood drawing

Do I even need a reason for her, I mean it’s… it’s Luna. She would have so many things to talk about and she’d bring a calming vibe over proceedings. Maybe even give us some magical lighting.


Image result for bilbo baggins drawing

Let’s face it, my boy knows how to put on a spread. His larder would provide everything PLUS I’d swing it so we could hang around the Shire for the holiday, take in the view. I mean who doesn’t want this view?

Image result for hobbiton view