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2019 Reading Resolutions – Top 5 Wendesday

IT’S 2019!!!

And with it comes more T5W and goals for the year. I’ll look back on my 2018 goals in another post, but for this year I want to do the following:

1. Read EVERYTHING on my TBR list.


This doesn’t include books bought in 2019, this is the 17 books that have sat, waiting patiently for me to pick them up, for the last year or more. Or to finish reading them (sorry, Locke Lamora).





I don’t do this half as much as I should and I feel like I miss out a lot on celebrating with authors and hyping them up, so while not necessarily reading-related, I want to celebrate books being released. Cause that’s what it’s all about, right? New books!

3. Read More Diversely

It’s so easy now to pick up a book by an author of colour, a trans author, an LGBTQ, a disabled author… while there’s still a long way to go before we can stop having the discussion of why diverse books are necessary (hi publishing, please don’t put a quota on diverse books, thanks), I am so impressed by the books which are coming out from authors in the above groups.

I want to read more from native authors, queer authors (not just gay cis men), authors of colour, authors who have disabilities, authors of different countries. Which brings me to…

4. Read More Translated Books

Image result for translated booksThere’s a whole wealth of stories out there – Russian lit, South American, French, Middle Eastern – that I need to read. I shouldn’t be scared off by a book which doesn’t feel like it might be ‘my type’ just cause it doesn’t have something magical in it. I need to read more books which are important not just because they show a different side of the world, but of the stories which are important to them there.

So yeah I want to read more, if my library has them!

5. Buy Independently

I want to support local indie book stores, and I would if indeed, we had any, but there are plenty of indie book shops online that I plan on buying from. This also ties in with another goal, which is to buy a physical book per month (if pennies allow) to support the industry, but I’m going for buying 10 new or old releases (from various houses) from indie book stores this year, no matter which month.

So that’s it! My top 5 Reading Resolutions – or at least book related – for this year. What’s yours?

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Top 5 Wednesday

Characters You’d Want at Friendsgiving – Top 5 Wednesday

— It’s Thanksgiving in the States this month, but Friendsgiving is a celebration that involves not family, but found family. Which characters would you invite to yours?

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I’d celebrate Friendsgiving for sure. I think it’s a nice moment but would ultimately end with arguments, so maybe not,

ANYWAY fictional dinner with my fictional lovelies.


Image result for nikolai lantsov

Nikolai. My sweet, darling boy.  He has charisma by the bucketload, he’s funny as hell and the best thing about the Grisha Trilogy. We could swap quips and generally listen to him talk about his swashbuckling.


Image result for victor vale vicious

I know he’s technically not a ‘nice’ person, and that his super power is to hurt people, but damn if I don’t care about my trash son. He could do with a hearty meal plus he’d probably sit quiet for most of the evening.


Image result for kady grant illuminae

Funny, smart, brave, and absolutely the heart of Illuminae series. I really loved reading about her but she deserves a break after all that space shit so have some dinner, my girl, teach me your tech ways and talk about space.


Image result for luna lovegood drawing

Do I even need a reason for her, I mean it’s… it’s Luna. She would have so many things to talk about and she’d bring a calming vibe over proceedings. Maybe even give us some magical lighting.


Image result for bilbo baggins drawing

Let’s face it, my boy knows how to put on a spread. His larder would provide everything PLUS I’d swing it so we could hang around the Shire for the holiday, take in the view. I mean who doesn’t want this view?

Image result for hobbiton view



Top 5 Wednesday

T5W: Best Books You’ve Read So Far in 2018

If you want to join in on Top 5 Wednesday this July, the link to the Goodreads group is here!

SO. What are the top 5 books I’ve spent this year reading? I’ve re-read Vicious, so I won’t include that because it’s technically not new, and I want to include new reads for this list.


Image result for illuminae

This book, man. This book SHIT ME UP. I was gripped, it was so tense, I was weirded out, I cried. I adored it in every sense. EASILY a new favourite.

Image result for guide to vice and virtue

This book has my heart — Monty is such an arse but a loveable one, and I can’t wait for Petticoats to come out! Mackenzi has such a brilliant writing style and voice

Image result for language of thorns

THORNS reignited my love of fairy tales and the Grisha world. Bardugo is my auto buy author, and the story about the sea witch stole it for me.


I haven’t finished this yet, but I LOVE IT. This is my first Holly Black book, and her writing is so pristine – I don’t hate the main character, either, which is rare for YA novels these days, and there are QUEER PEOPLE IN HERE ❤ it’s not all about their sexuality they’re just queer. Love it.

Image result for gemina

Oops…. the second book in the Illuminae files takes another spot. I was toying with the idea of others, and while this one wasn’t as amazing as the first (imo) I still enjoyed it far more than other books I’ve read so far this year that could have made the list.



Top 5 Wednesday

June 13th: Favorite Fathers/Father Figures

June 13th: Favorite Fathers/Father Figures
— In honor of Father’s Day (in America at least), discuss some of your favorite fictional dads.



This guy was such a great father, clearly in love with his wife, and wanting to protect his whole family. I really enjoyed reading him. I know it’s ‘trendy’ in YA to have shitty parents but this guy was just 100% love.

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Top 5 Wednesday June 6th: Summer Reads

June 6th: Summer Reads
–With summer finally kicking off, now is the time to recommend your favorite summer reads, whatever that means to you!


Image result for sense and sensibilitybook


I read this when I was on holiday in Ibiza, soaking up the rays — the book also has great summery moments and it was perfect whimsy to spend days on the beach.

Image result for all the crooked saints


This is set in the desert, and it’s a lazy heat sort of feel to it, so I reckon this would match summer.


This is a really fast-paced read set at a convention during summer – light, breezy and one of my favourites.

Blank 133x176


Ok so I’m cheating. A friend wrote this book, and it isn’t even out yet (publication is March 2019)  but I’ve read it and it’s amazing and it’s perfect for a summer read. BUY IT WHEN IT COMES OUT!

Image result for and i darken


Set in a heavy summer with lots of heat, this is a slow read and was disappointing for me, but it’s the only one I’ve read recently that was set in summer. *blink*

Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Jokesters

— In honor of April Fools (a bit late but hey, I don’t control when Wednesdays fall), talk about your favorite jokesters, pranksters, and funny characters. 

I love me some funny characters. While I know there’s bound to be more focus on pranksters and jokers on others’ lists, I haven’t really read many of those that spring immediately to mind. So I’m going with the ones who never fail to make me titter or smile with their humour.

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Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday – 2018 Reading Resolutions

January 3rd: 2018 Reading Resolutions

— Goodreads Top 5 Wednesday group is run by Sam of Thoughts of Tomes, and can be found here!

I touched on these in the Readerly Resolutions, but I thought I might expand on this because I came up with more ideas!

1. Read 52 books aka 1 book a week

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