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Productivity Positivity! Week 30th Jan 17

OK! So this is the bullet list of what I achieved this week to give me some hope that I wasn’t entirely useless.


  • Visited WriteOnCon! It was fantastic. Amazing agents responded to questions I had, I watched lots of good information and read a few great blog posts. Shame the site went down for the first day, but I’ll definitely check it out again next year.
  • On the same con’s forums, I had some handy feedback to snip up my query and get it done to a standard I was happy with.
  • Of course, I’m still not happy with it but I don’t think I ever will be 100%
  • Actually sent out some queries – even though it took me about half an hour to build up the courage to press send like it was a red button for destruction.
  • Read AMAZING BOOKS. Raven Boys ❤ Stole my heart. I also started reading ONE OF US IS LYING by Karen McManus and THE BLAZING STAR by Imani Josey.
  • Wrote some reviews of the awesome books I read
  • Finished reading chapters for one of my amazing CPs.
  • Drew little bits of character inspiration for my non-hero idea


  • Went to the Doctor’s and had a blood test.
  • Made some AWESOME SOUP seriously it was delicious
  • Made cake!
  • Watched The Monuments Men, London Has Fallen and Midnight Special. None particularly wowed me though Midnight Special had so much potential and I think all the budget went on the last 10 minutes.