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5* Read Predictions for 2019

To be clear, this is just what I’m planning to read, not all are new releases of 2019.

But I enjoy the aspect of potentially having 5* reads before I even get to them. (King of Scars was going to be on this list but then I read it and it ended up not being 5* so just goes to show what I know!)



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I need. To know. WHAT. HAPPENS.

Jay Kristoff rarely disappoints, and as long as we don’t get pages of gladiator fighting in this one I’ll be happy.


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I’ve had this on my radar for about 7 months now, and the cover alone is beautiful. But it was the concept and the first page that made me want to read more of this. I can’t see many reviews of it anywhere, certainly not from friends, but I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

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This has been HYPED so I’m keen to see if it lives up to it for me, but I do think that it’s going to effect me the same. Six of Crows as hyped, I reckon this will be the same.

The Fever King

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I, er – read this once before cause I was lucky enough to be in PitchWars 2017 with Victoria. It’s gone through some revisions since, but I have no doubt it’s still got the magic that I felt the first time reading it.


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Same as above, I was in PW17 with Layne and – damn. I don’t go for first person POV often but this was gritty, it had me gripped – and I’m sure it will again. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

Serpent and Dove

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Wow, PW17 gets everywhere — I didn’t read Shelby’s MS – I know I have to break the curve somehow – but from what friends are saying (and from what I know of Shelby) it’s deserving of the hype. I can’t wait!

Jennifer Strange

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This book will be illustrated by the author Cat Scully as well! While I know Cat, I haven’t had chance to read this prior and to be honest I don’t want spoilers! I want to be entertained by this weird, spooky girl.

Hunting Prince Dracula

Hunting Prince Dracula (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #2)

I adored the first book and I’ve no doubt I’ll adore the second!



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*dance dance dance*


*sob a bit*


I haven’t felt so in love with a series in a long time.

Books? Yes. Series? Not so much.

Each book in this trilogy delivered so much heart, drama, tension and depth that I was blown away. I adored the characters, even rooted for an ambiguous AI that seemed intent on killing people for the ‘good of them all’ but seriously. READ THIS SERIES if you haven’t already.

Now that’s out of the way…


GEMINA – 4.5*


The ONLY reason Gemina got half a point less is because I didn’t connect with the characters of that book as much as I did with Illuminae – Kady and Ezra will forever me by babes.

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO – the individual book reviews.

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Characters: I LOVE THEM ALL

Plot: I almost had a heart attack several times

Hangover?: Majorly.







This darn book ruined me in the best of ways. I stayed up so late reading it, and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Every little character is real, making the main cast feel so much more fleshed out and believable. Kady and Ezra are probably two of my favourite characters ever, and I’ve never read a droid so complex as AIDAN before.

Was it grim at times? Yes. Did I cry? Also yes.

Zombie-rage-like-people will always be a fear of mine and I think this played up to that tension expertly.

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Characters: Incredibly strong

Plot: DisGUSTING aliens omg what the hell

Hangover?: Some water will do, re-hydrate me







While Kady and Ezra aren’t in this as much I did enjoy it – Hanna and Nick are fine protagonists but their love story seemed a little bit sloshier somehow. Hanna is no doubt the stronger of the pair, and her arc was very interesting. I love the way these girls are strong as hell but not just in physical aspects but in personality.

Ella is the breakout star in this for me, she’s absolutely sodding amazing. I didn’t NOT enjoy this book I mean it’s 4.5 stars, but it was always going to be hard to live up to Illuminae.

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Characters: BABES

Plot: Twisty twisty

Hangover?: I had to take a break a few times not gonna lie







When you physically place a book down and have to breathe because you know a character is gonna fuck the fuck up, you know you’re safely in a master writer’s hands.

That sort of anxiety usually annoys me to death but I enjoyed it here. I pushed on despite characters making stupid decisions because you could sympathise WHY they were making stupid decisions. And this was the adults!

It all came together beautifully and at one point I worried we would actually lose one of our main four. I know there was an additional couple introduced but I can’t even remember their names now. The other pairs stole my mind and heart and made this a very satisfying ending.

So. SHOULD YOU READ IT? Yes. Do it. Now.

I’ll wait.