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T5W- Books Featuring? Witches

I KNOW this was meant to be a few weeks ago, and the title is “supernatural creature” but honestly I haven’t read many vampire, werewolf, demon, angel, shifter books– that doesn’t float my boat. Know what does?


And vampires. But like I said, not read many of those books so you get this.

What, to me, constitutes a witch? – the ability to manipulate energy in order to receive the desired result. Potions. Wands. Spells. The uncanny ability to manifest.

While some magic-powers characters like Kelsier in The Final Empire could be considered witchy, to me they’re not. Because it’s just… no.




You get double whammy here because Baz is both vampire AND a witch. The book itself was fractured IMO though I loved it whenever Baz was on the page. He held a sort of snark which was undeniably adorable, funny and creepy all at the same time. He was the most fleshed out character of all of them and I’m glad he knew he was gay and in love with Simon Snow from the start. None of this “but why am I so attracted?”







I love Kell, Holland and Lila so much. The rules of magic here were very intricate and also formidable. I love that one of the Antari’s eyes are always dark.







Image result for the raven boys



Neeve was the witchiest one out of all of them in the entire series — morally ambiguous at best, she used herbs and traditional witches’ scrying methods in order to look into the things she shoudn’t. She used mirrors and symbols. Also there was a herbalist in the family, and I count her as being a witch too, because love ❤





Image result for order of the phoenixHARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX

This is my favourite HP book. And know who my favourite witch is? Luna Lovegood. I loved this book for many reasons but mostly because it had more of her. She is a severely underrated character and I want more merchandise with her pronto. Do they even have her wand?! I want it if they do.









Yes, I’m predictable. Nina. Jesper. Need I say more?! ❤

Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday – Hate to Love Ships 

— Ask and you may receive. By request, a topic all about your favorite hate to love romances!

Unfortunately, I only seem to have four that I can offer up for today’s Top 5, but I hope you enjoy and give me recs!

 Nina & Matthias from Six of Crows

Image result for nina and matthias
Ok, so Matthias hates ‘witches’ and everything they stand for – Nina is a ‘witch’, but also adorable. Cue hate to love!
There’s a LOT of history between these two, including the fact Nina got Matthias locked up after he’d helped her, but this just adds so much gorgeousness.
They’re so different from each other, it really lends itself for them to learn from one another. Matthias is able to surprise her, Nina is able to coax Matthias into being freer with his emotions. It’s a marrying of cultures, and I adore them.

Simon & Baz from Carry On

Related image

I loved their relationship in this book, it was just a shame I didn’t get to see much of it as I wanted, since the POV’s were many. Simon thinks Baz wants to kill him – which is true, as they’re sort of sworn enemies – but Baz also loves him to death.

They have attempted to kill each other before, but what follows is the amazing Baz admitting his feelings and auuugh. I love them.

Adam and Ronan from the Raven Cycle

Image result for pynch

They didn’t exactly HATE each other, but they didn’t see eye to eye either. Adam was very bitter about his situation, Ronan was – well, just a human version of bitterness in the first place, and they didn’t gel. But gradually it was so openly clear how much Ronan… AUGH. I just loved this development over the whole series.

Rhys and Feyre

Image result for feyre and rhys acotar

Ok so it was maybe more hatred from Feyre’s side, since Rhys kinda knew he loved her from way back, but still. Rhys is probably one of the best characters I’ve read – I think I love sarcastic, flirty little shits – and their dynamic in ACOMAF was absolutely perfect. I still maintain this second book to have been the best of the series, simply because of that dynamic.


Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite LGBTQ+ Reads

Talk about your favorite books that feature LGBTQ+ characters or are by LGBTQ+ authors.

*cracks knuckles* LET’S GET STARTED, SHALL WE?!

In no particular order.

sixofcrowsSix of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

*dances a dance of wonder at Jesper and Wylan, and the fact Nina is reportedly Bi, and just gorgeous*

I credit this book with getting me interested in storytelling again and a LOT of that was because of how diverse the characters were. I absolutely adored Wylan, easily my 2nd fave beneath Kaz, and I’m looking forward to re-read this later on this year.

Similarly to the Raven Cycle I enjoyed how it wasn’t shouted out “I am gay, and this is my process of coming out!” everyone either knew already, or was eased into knowing, and it wasn’t a big deal. So props!


28356624Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

A recent read for me, I truly enjoyed the romantic relationship between the two leads but I felt it was diluted too much with other POV’s I didn’t give two hoots about. I would have loved more of the dynamic between the two of them, and there was a slight issue with Simon only thinking “gay or straight?” when he realised he was in love with Baz after going out with a girl for 6 years, but hey, this was still a cute, cozy little love story.

I think I just need to read more LGBTQA books this year.




The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

Ok so unlike Carry On above, Adam Parrish – who I went on a ride with, let me tell you, from hating him to loving him – doesn’t even question the labels he might be dumped into. He fancies and desires Blue, that’s for sure. But then he realises, with a thrill, that Ronan quite fancies him. And that he fancies Ronan. And it’s so subtle you have to really LOOK at it, but God. THE ATTRACTION, YOU CAN TASTE IT.

And Ronan, dear Ronan, is unapologetic in who he is as a person in the first place and that extends to his sexuality. He doesn’t deny it, his friends don’t mention it overtly. They already know. It’s implied, but never really brought up as Something We Must Talk About until the final book where Adam confesses to Gansey that they’ve kissed each other (thus potentially changing the dynamic of the group) when it makes sense for them to talk about it.

I LOVE THESE BOOKS. I can’t wait to read more about Pynch ❤

Image result for cloud atlas book coverCloud Atlas by David Mitchell

Robert Frobisher is a character I seldom talk about, and as a result, do not talk about HALF as much as I should do. When I read Cloud Atlas, I was a bit distracted by all the literary writing flourishes and shit and the formats, but oh – Robert Frobisher stole my heart. I cried. I laughed. I got jealous. It was just… he’s amazing. The book itself is ok, I had to skip the entire central chapter because I didn’t understand it at all, but Robert as an LGBTQA+ character (while he loves a man deeply but enjoys sex with women I don’t want to call him strictly bi, I think he might be pan) is absolutely amazing, full of life, and while he’s a bit tortured towards the end with emotions I just. Augh. He stayed with me for a long time. So this.


gathering-of-shadows_ukcover-400x586Shades of Magic Series by V.E Schwab –

VE Schwab also identifies as bisexual, so I give this an uber thumbs up, but Rhy and Alucard and even Lila, who is reported as being canonically gender-fluid, are LGBTQA+. Rhy and Alucard are a big ship, and I shipped them too (before I found Alucard to be an annoying whingy little antagonistic self-righteous brat) but the fact they’re also unapologetic about who they are and who they love, is something very empowering.

Also, MAGIC!


Honorable mention – Queens of Geek & The Upside of Unrequited

PLEASE give me your recommendations! I know there’s so many I haven’t yet had the chance to buy or get from the library. I would love to know what LGBTQA_ reads I’m missing out on!

Book Things · Monthly Round Up

March Wrap Up! 2017

So apparently I only read 5 books this month? Weird, I could have sworn I read more.

ANYWHO – I finished 2 series I absolutely adore (and want tattoos of), fell in love with a new release, and extended my enjoyment of m/m romances with Carry On.




Charming, witty, gripping and sweet – I loved this! Read my full review HERE

To Read in April

I’m currently reading Queen of the Tearling and ACOTAR, plus the others I have yet to finish / start reading are here –

Provided I don’t grabby hands any further books, I *should* get through these with hopefully enough time left to catch up on some NetGalley reviews!

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CARRY ON by Rainbow Rowell


Simon Snow is the worst chosen one who’s ever been chosen

That’s what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he’s probably right.

Half the time Simon can’t even make his wand work, and the other half, he sets something on fire. His mentor’s avoiding him, his girlfriend broke up with him, and there’s a magic-eating monster running around wearing Simon’s face. Baz would be having a field day with all this, if he were here – it’s their last year at Watford School of Magicks, and Simon’s infuriating nemesis didn’t even bother to show up.

Carry On is a love letter to love stories and the power of words – to every ‘chosen one’ who ever had more on their mind than saving the world…


So this is the story based on the fan fiction and huge wizard world Cather was obsessed with in Rainbow’s other book, Fangirl, which I LOVED.

But reading this, I wasn’t sure why Cather would really be bothered with it as much? I mean I love Baz and Simon. They were lovely together, and the twist on magical tropes, such as using phrases and well known pop songs for magic, was really something I enjoyed.

But I sort of wish the anticipation of kissing each other and having the truth revealed about their feelings for each other had lingered a bit longer, because as soon as that happened, the rest seemed to be mingled into every other direction. Also, when he finally realises his feelings for Baz, Simon only wonders if he’s gay – like his attraction to Agatha had been a mistake. Granted, he’d never expressly said he felt sexually attracted to Agatha – saying someone is pretty and gorgeous doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a tightening in your nethers – but he couldn’t like girls and guys? Little bit of bi-erasure there.

I hated Agatha, we didn’t need her POV whatsoever, and Penelope probably needed a few chapters at best because, while she was a great intelligent character, she unfortunately didn’t add much to the overall feeling of it. Lo, behold, after the final show-down, we took in the viewpoint/opinion of… Penelope.

After Simon and Baz are bloody battling the end of the world, I want their POV, because they are the heart of the book. Their relationship is what this book, to me, is all about and how they are able to come together. I do not give one toss where Agatha ends up.

So the pacing was a bit off and it took about 77 pages until BAZ my beautiful Baz enters the picture – Baz the redeemer of novels. The first 100 or so were merely exposition and backstory, which I didn’t much care for, but the writing style is easy to get along with. Baz, dear Baz, goes into my favourites, but the book kinda doesn’t, unfortunately. It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t capture the absolute Rainbow spirit of other books for me.


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My Spring TBR list

Spring is one of my most favourite times of the year – the weather gets warmer, it’s still windy enough to wrap up with pretty scarves, flowers bloom and there’s a hint of possibility in the air.

What better way to celebrate than to list what I have to look forward to reading this Spring?!

This is going to cover end of March – May.


Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

I’m SO looking forward to seeing this hardback beauty – which I don’t usually buy – with this exquisite cover. Laini Taylor’s Smoke and Bone trilogy didn’t sit weImage result for strange the dreamerll with me, simply because I hated Akiva and the angels, but her writing style for 90% of Daughter of Smoke and Bone blew me away with atmosphere. So I pre-ordered Strange the Dreamer, coming at the end of March.

Little is known about the real plot for this, which I appreciate because I love / prefer going into a story somewhat blind. Sometimes I prefer to know, because books are a big investment for me, but for the most part I enjoy entering a world and seeing what surprises await.



Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I admit I already sampled about 70 pages, but I’m getting frustrated because Baz hasn’t turned up yet and there’s toImage result for carry on booko much finnicky stuff I don’t care about. It’s about 77 pages of exposition and backstory right now.

HOWEVER this is a book I know I’ll end up enjoying once Baz enters, because it’s the spin off from Fangirl – the one about a girl who goes to Uni and runs an uber popular fanfiction based on Simon Snow and Baz… whatever his last name is.

Anyway, from the bits in Fangirl I fell for Baz. Quite a bit. And I’m not sure why this was written in first person present rather than past – but I’m definitely going to finish it this Spring, as it’s part of my entire 2017 TBR list.


The Random Choice in the Fairy Loot BoxImage result for fairyloot box

April will be my first ever Fairy Loot! *fist pump* I’m so excited. After cheating a bit and looking up various April releases I *think* I know what the book will be for the month? But to be honest I’m here for the book related goodies and the pretty box as much I am for the book itself.

Book Loot Whore.


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

‘Tis time to figure out WTF all the fuss is77493_original about!  *fanfare*

This will be my first Sarah J Maas book, and I’ve heard both rave and semi-favourable reviews. I’m eager to make up my own mind with this one, because a lot of my writer and reader friends recommend it. I’m not expecting Six of Crows hype from me here, but who knows, maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised?




  The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynchgentlemanbastards

I found this on many book blogs and vlogs and it intrigued me. I’ve read the first chapter – it intrigues me still. I have a feeling I’m going to super love this one, when I get into it, which I’m hoping to do in the garden, in the spring sunshine, or on a park bench somewhere, smelling flowers and imagining I’m in an Italy-type area spending my days.



The Castaways by Jessika Fleck

I am SO READY to read this. This is a Netgalley eARC which was sent to me recently and I’m super ready to delve into this – as soon as I have dealt with everything else I currently need to read.

But this basically sounds like a carnival on an Island and a maze and a war, and there’s gonna be a hot guy, and there’s going to be rushing to save the day and Island life and yeah. I’m ready.

Like Caraval but tropical, I presume.



The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

I don’t want this series to end. It’s been absolutely Image result for the raven kingmagical, I’ve adored every single character, and I’m kind of hoping to put this off at the same time desperate to read it the moment it comes through my letterbox.

I think this outstrips even Harry Potter to be honest as my favourite series of all time, so far. And I REALLY HOPE the Ronan trilogy is going to be a thing! I need more of him in my life. ❤

I haven’t even read the blurb on the back. I don’t want to be spoiled. Even though I know my ship is going to sail. *Squee*

Anyone else got some books they’re dying to read this Spring?

Book Things · Monthly Round Up

February Book Round-Up!


Note – Not all reviews for February have been posted, as titles attained through NetGalley have to be published at a time requested from the Publishers.



Like there is ANY surprise there. Read my full review HERE



To Read In March:




ACOL has completely drawn me in and sadly the other, more difficult reads such as the first two books listed – Quests of Kings and Empress of the Fall – inevitably fall by the wayside. I am almost done with Future Threat though! *Go me*

Mid-month report for March will hopefully include more accomplishments!

What are you guys reading?