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A Beautiful Novel Aesthetic!

So the wonderful Aneeqah N on Twitter put out a call for authors to respond to. She said:

It’s been a tough week in this community, and as a writer, that can really made it hard to stay motivated on your work.

so I want to do something: reply to this tweet w/a description of your WIP/book + some keywords and I’ll make you an aesthetic!

I, being the visual geek I am, told Aneeqah of my WIP (five, queer, UK teens band together against the supervillain who overtook their city) and she came up with THIS THING OF BEAUTY

aesthetic. london street corner, 5 teens standing against the light, hack screen, nerdy boy looking up, quote 'and the only solution was to stand and fight', pile of books, girl jumps of building, wires, punk rock girl.


I love the quote in the middle and the pictures chosen are A+ like, really. It looks like stills of some soon to be released YA thriller or something.

If you want to check out her other beautiful aesthetics and/or RT mine, the link is HERE!

I’ll just be fanning myself over here.


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