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My 2018 Readerly Resolutions!

2018 looms – it is in fact, only 3 more days away – and I’m already thinking about the habits and patterns I want to bring in to the next 12 months.

Blogging  is obviously a priority, and reading more blogs / discovering more content will be something I look forward to. But in this post I want to focus more on what I want to achieve not as a blogger or a writer, but as a reader. I’ll cover personal things in another post 🙂

Clear Out my TBR with #BeatTheBacklist!

Thanks to THIS POST I’m joining up on a challenge! This means I read everything I wanted to read prior to 2018 and I set a goal OOOFFFF….

40 Backlisted books!

Let’s see if I can do it!

Buy 1 Book A Month / New Release

Literary Agent Dr. Uwe Stender mentioned that if everyone involved in writing / editing / publishing bought ONE book from a proper book store a month, the business would be thriving.

So in order to contribute to this, I will buy one book – either new release or old – every single month to do my bit in keeping this business afloat. I want my career in this business, so it makes sense to support it! Plus 2018 has a TON of books I’m dying to read, so it’s not gonna be too hard.

Sorrynotsorry bank balance…

Read 1 Book A Week

This year, COUNTING DNF’S, because if I get 200+ pages in I still class that as reading, I read 41 books. Not bad and still over my 40 goal!

However… I want to go beyond that. I want to read one book a week. I’ve no idea how people manage 100+ books a year and I am not an audio book fan. I create a narrator in my head which is unique to that book and most of the time (my director head coming on here) the narrators don’t read the story how I want it to be read. (I know Emma Thompson isn’t available for all audiobooks but please try?!)

I take my time reading content, too, so while I know readers who consume 600+ page novels in a day (dear lord how?!) I’m going to aim for around 50 pages a night. 1 book a week. That’ll work, right?!

Read Widely – Adult / YA / Genre

I read mostly YA this year and within that it was mostly fantasy. I am trash for a good fantasy novel. But while I dotted it with contemporaries and mysteries within that, I feel like I want to dip my toe into the adult sector again, and get into the other areas of novels that I very rarely pay attention to.

Like historical – I LOVE historical, why don’t I read more of it?! And women’s fiction / chick lit, I devoured three of those books in one 7 day holiday years ago and never touched the genre again. And classics, I need to read more of them! Jane Austen is not the only classic author out there.

She’s my favourite, but not the only one.

SO. I need to branch out. Put on my big girl pants and delve back into difficult books.

Read Diversely – At Least 10 Diverse Authors!

In some ways this is tricky – because I want to read from LGBTQA+ authors as well as authors of colour, and not every LGBTQA+ author is out – but I’ll be scouring my TBR pile and prioritizing authors who are classed as diverse, including neurodivergent and disabled.

I pray for the day this type of content becomes normal, and the White Straight (and probably male) Author is no longer the “norm” in publishing.

So what do you think, any suggestions? And how about you guys, any resolutions as a reader?

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