27 HOURS by Tristina Wright – Review!


28526192RATING: * * * * *

WHERE TO BUY: You can pre-order from all good bookshops probably. Or if you can’t find it, raise hell.

Thank you to my gorgeous CP Kelly for sending me this ARC from BookCon! 


You know there are books with so much hype, and so many “OMG I love it” reviews that you wonder if it can ever truly be that good. Whether, in some cases, people are saying they love it because it’s not trendy to say you don’t like it.

It’s rare, but it happens.

I’m happy to say that the hype is very well deserved! As a sci fi fan I appreciated the nuances of the world and the HUB systems. While at times I was confused by the narrative and some of the names etc, places, by half way I understood where we were and what was meant to be happening.

The personal and chapter-led goals, on the other hand, were sometimes a little bit fuzzy for me. I didn’t speed-read this – I don’t think I can, actually –  and I know it’s an ARC so things will change by the time of publication, but sometimes I didn’t quite grasp character motives.

Did I care? No. Cause the characters were unique for me to devour this until 2am in the morning. (that’s late for me, I have work!)

I didn’t connect with Dhalia as much as I wanted to, and she seemed such an integral, almost glue-like friend (you know the ones that keep the group together?) I wanted to see more of her role within the group other than ex and love interest.

HOWEVER – Jude. Rumor. Braeden. Nyx. My word, my loves. I was very pleased to see such a diverse cast, and their voices felt very true to them. The action never swallowed them and it seems – at least to me – that these main four had so much attention to detail in characterisation maybe slightly more than the plot, but I appreciate that. If I don’t give a shit about the characters, I won’t care if they die. And I cared, if they were to live or die. And I shed tears.

The finale was a little bit confusing, staging wise, but – to be honest, this is nitpicky shit. Ignore me. I loved this book. I had high expectations and they were met. Support this book, because of its diverse cast, because of its rich textures and world, because of its romance and authentic voices and bah.

I WILL be buying this in physical copy when it comes out. Who wouldn’t want this shiny cover on their bookshelf?!

GO BUY. I’ll wait. ^_^


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