Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: Books Without Romance

A few (very, very few) people complained about the “shipping” topics lately, so I thought it would be good to talk about books that don’t have a romantic subplot! This is a really hard one, so if you can’t find any, you can talk about some where the romance is super super minor. Like barely mentioned… at all…

I thought this was going to be so difficult, but actually it wasn’t so bad.

CRACKED – Eliza Crewe

Cracked (Soul Eaters, #1)

“Meet Meda. She eats people.”

ONE OF MY FAVOURITES. This novel tended to subvert many tropes and the MC Meda is extremely sarcastic. This is a book where the main character doesn’t get into a romance. There’s a minor side romance with the other characters from the perspective of Meda but that’s about it. And it’s enough, actually, because her story shouldn’t involve love – it’s centering around understanding who she is, where she comes from, controlling her powers and dealing with her mother’s death.

All while trying to stay alive, getting the other characters not to kill her. Which is pretty damn interesting.

THE HOBBIT – J.R.R Tolkien

The Hobbit

There is no romance in this, at all. Not even that crappy elf whatsherface in the movies existed in the books (I understand your motives but why did you cast Evangeline Lilly, PJ?! WHY?!)

It’s meant for kids, primarily, so it’s not a surprise this isn’t about smooching and star crossed lovers. I welcomed that so much, because this is a great adventure and doesn’t lose anything because there isn’t a “OMGERD I LURVE YOU” moment.**

**Thorin and Bilbo shippers may disagree


The Queen of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #1)

Another favourite.

I’m sensing a trend, here….

There is no romance. Like, at all. She fancies a dude called the Fetch but that’s it. Nothing else. It’s about staying alive, changing the political landscape of the shitty kingdom she’s been left to rule and basically figuring out if she’s a good enough Queen to fend off AND piss off the red one with mystical powers.

If it had romance it would have bogged it down so much, I enjoyed it so much more as a woman coming into power.

AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman

American Gods (American Gods, #1)

Also a favourite.

This wasn’t really romantic but it had minor little romance-y bits. I mean this in the sense Shadow had lost his wife, and while she comes back it’s not about about their romance, it’s more about the loss of the life they shared. There’s minor romance scenes from side characters in self-contained chapter – the Djinn being one stand out chapter for me –  but the main story is about a good man lost, and finding himself again, this time in a land of Gods and Monsters.

VICIOUS by V.E Schwab


You guessed it! A FAVOURITE wooo

I love this. While Eli and Serena get their rocks off it’s not shown and it’s definitely not a big enough point to be a subplot. It’s just what the characters are doing while they fuck up shit on the outside.

And let’s be honest, Victor and Sydney are the best ones in here, they are the stars, and a 12 year old and a thirty-year old are not going to have a romance in a book. At least I fucking hope not I STG.



12 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Books Without Romance

  1. Thorin&Bilbo!!! 👆🙌🙌🙌
    I haven’t read the book but I know that interracial relationship was exclusively part of the movie as a way to extend it I guess! I still enjoyed that romance bit mainly because we got to see (in the movie) more of Kili, I won’t lie!hehe

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  2. Great list! While I was not an overall fan of American Gods, I did appreciate the fact that things weren’t complicated with major threads of romance. The romance-y parts were still more so about something else (like loss) than romance itself.

    Brianna at Listful Booking

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  3. This is such an amazing list! I honestly don’t know why I didn’t include The Hobbit on my list as well since I love it and it doesn’t have any romance but I must’ve gotten sidetracked! I did, however, include Vicious because it’s just the best book ever period haha!

    I do have Cracked, The Queen of the Tearling, and American Gods all on my TBR as well and I’m really happy to hear that romance doesn’t overshadow the main plot lines at all! 🙂

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  4. Cracked and the Queen of the Tearling both sound really inserting, I’m not super into fantasy but I might see if my library has them. I read most of The Hobbit but the spider chapter just ended it for me.

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    1. Oh yeah the spiders, they got me too. But Cracked is modern fantasy, so it’s less of a stretch then Tearling which is uber world building, set in the future but the world’s gone Medieval again, so there’s even mention of the Hobbit in there too!


  5. I found this topic easier then I thought it would be too! I really loved American Gods and it was more of a story about Shadow and his journey and his desire to find closure with his wife.

    And we can just forget about the romance they added into the Hobbit movie…..

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