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Mind Body Spirit Books – Reviews!

Thank you to NetGalley, Llwellyn, John Hunt Publishing & Watkins Publishing for these ARCS!



Being in the tarot community, I know of Tori Hartman quite well but I’m not sure this volume really ‘spoke’ to me as her stuff usually does. Solid stuff, still, but sometimes I got lost with the information.

Probably would do well to actually HAVE the cards mentioned but in general it was ok. 3/5



This was an incredibly insightful book and it fascinated me on the subject. Sometimes a little bit too personal or text-heavy, it nevertheless really did explain his POV in a fascinating way and I enjoyed reading it for future reference.



Really great reference book on this particular method of divination, it nevertheless left me a little bit confused. Not a particularly easy read but it was fascinating.



I looooooove love love anything about crystals and this was no exception. Took it up to another level with the karmic healing and releasing with some handy tips for me, I’d never heard before! So really great.



Really interesting to read, and very handy. As a practicing witch and tarot reader, it’s imperative for me to know multiple ways of defending myself psychically and this book helped me figure out new ways of being able to do that. Cassandra Eason is a fantastic writer, very easy to read!



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