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Seven Sins Saturday – 7 Authors I’ve Never Read – But Maybe Should

Any of the Bronte sisters

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I’ve heard Wuthering Heights is a big complicated mess of ugly personality characters, and I don’t even know the plot of Jane Eyre – but they’re classic British female writers from t’north of England so I feel I owe it to them, as a British female writer from t’north, to go back and actually read some of their novels.

John Green

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Ok so recently I bought The Fault In Our Stars at a charity shop, and maybe like a week later everyone was screaming because of the recent news he’s got a new book coming out. I’ve heard bits and pieces about John Green which may or may not be entirely favourable, from personal conduct to quality of stories, but he’s such a big presence in YA I have to at least read something from him.

Roxane Gay

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I read a teeny excerpt in one of those “books coming out in June” or whatever things and I enjoyed it, but I haven’t ever read a book from her. I know she’s an incredibly influential writer, and her stark observations on modern day women and the situations surrounding them are second to none. I’m actually excited to read from her.

Margaret Atwood

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YAS MY FELLOW SCORPIO LADY! The Handmaid’s Tale is EVERYWHERE right now and I keep hearing how Margaret is exceptional with her storytelling. I feel so guilty I haven’t read anything from her. I will amend, I will amend.

Ursula Le Guin

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ANOTHER FELLOW SCORPIO. Maybe I should do a list of Scorpios. SFF Queen. Duchess. Whatever. I need to read her books, because she genuinely seemed ahead of her time and absolutely breakthrough in terms of storytelling and subject matter. I’ll actually look for a book RIGHT NOW.

Robin Hobb

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……that’s a lot of books. Queen of Fantasy, yeah? Forshame that I haven’t read any of her books! I think it’s a distilled need in me to avoid her novels, simply because when I was a kid I skimmed the blurb of her books in the library and didn’t really ‘get it’. I’ve still had no real interest to delve in to a fantasy world – adult fantasy worlds always seem so bloody complicated to get into – but I will definitely have to try and sample some of her work soon.

Terry Pratchett

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Holy heck. Now I may have told a teeny lie here – I have actually read some of him, mostly in Good Omens which he co-wrote with Neil Gaiman. The only thing is, I found Pratchett’s chapters almost unbearable to get through not because the writing or plot was bad, but because the rhythm was so staccato. It didn’t flow, it jarred me out of the story, and I couldn’t relate to the characters. It was the same when I read the first few pages of a Discworld novel I can’t remember, and the footnotes at the time weren’t cute or funny, it was more like an essay. I will try him again one time, but my previous experience has kinda put me off.

What about you guys? Any recs from these authors, or any ‘classics’ you need to read?


8 thoughts on “Seven Sins Saturday – 7 Authors I’ve Never Read – But Maybe Should

  1. I also haven’t read any Margaret Atwood which, as a Canadian, I feel a little bad about. I’d love to read The Handmaid’s Tale though before I watch the adaptation, so maybe this will be the year! I’m also hoping to read some Robin Hobb for the first time this year.

    I didn’t think Wuthering Heights was worth the fuss personally, but I’ve been meaning to read Jane Eyre for years since it seems to be one of those classics that is genuinely really good.

    I’d heard such positive things about Roxanne Gay as a feminist writer, but my book club read An Untamed State this year and HATED it. The writing felt extremely amateur and melodramatic and it felt like an insult to the important subject matter the book was grappling with, plus the graphic depictions of rape felt gratuitous. I don’t think I would pick up another book of her’s based on this one.

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    1. That’s such a shame about Roxane Gay! I’ll have to take a look and see what others she has to try.

      Wuthering Heights has a very bad rep, none of my friends like it, but I feel as it’s a classic with a song about it, maybe I should try it lol. So many classics to read! So little time!

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    2. Oh man, can I just totally echo your thoughts on Roxane Gay? I haven’t read An Untamed State because I REFUSE to, as I’m a survivor of abuse and too many people that I trust have warned me that they think her rape depiction would probably be more than I care to handle. I read Bad Feminist by her, however, and honestly was annoyed that I’d even spent the meager $3 on it that I got it for. I think her writing is poorly and jumpy, and too many of the things she stated were so problematic and/or awful that I had to DNF it. I mean, at one point, she literally even said overweight women were safe from sexual abuse – really? I thought she was supposed to be some radical feminist, but I didn’t see it, sorry. Ugh. I’m so sorry to rant on your comment here, but I just wanted you to know you’re not alone, because I dunno about you, but in the book circles I run, I feel like everyone worships her and it gets old, lol.

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      1. Definitely, I’m really glad that it wasn’t just us who have found An Untamed State so offensive! And it’s a subject well worth ranting about! It’s really interesting that you mention the jumpy writing though, since that was another issue I had with An Untamed State – the word that came to mind was staccato her prose was so stilted and unrealistic. Yikes it doesn’t sound like her non-fiction is any better than her fiction, so I think I’ll be giving the rest of her works a pass too. Thank you for commenting and sharing!

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  2. Great list! I wanted to say, in regards to John Green, I’ve read every book of his except Will Grayson, Will Grayson, and to be totally honest, the ONLY one I’d really recommend is TFIOS. 😦 The rest all suffer from major Manic Pixie Dream Girl status, lol.

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