The Fallen Empire by Brandon Sanderson

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The last 10% of this book was what gave it the additional star, because it surprised me. And any book that can actually surprise me earns an extra star. Well done, Final Empire!

The story follows Kelsier (known as Kell – what’s with Kell in fantasy?!) a man who’s making himself into a myth by leading a rebellion, and Vin, a ska worker recruited to his crew. It took me about 100 pages to really get into it, because I felt it was a bit surface level, and the metal magic took a bit of getting used to but I did enjoy the winding story.

One of my peeves was Vin’s feelings for a nobleman during her time infiltrating the Nobility. While Elend was cute, I would have loved Vin to actually be queer or just be more focused on her abilities than “falling for a nobleman she’s barely spoken to”. The romance was very sparse, there wasn’t much depth to it. Very thin at best. But Vin as a character proved interesting and I loved her place in the final 20% of the book.

Kelsier was complex, but he was a typical hero in my opinion. But my favourite character had to be his brother Marsh, who went so deep undercover…. well I won’t spoil it. But I love characters like him, the ones you have to think about.

It was interesting, and a good addition to Adult Fantasy and I love, love, LOVE being surprised. So it was a classic case of middling plot and book and characters before BOOM big payoff and amazing scenes. So… I recommend!



4 thoughts on “The Fallen Empire by Brandon Sanderson

  1. I just nommed my way through this book a couple of days ago and I’m part way through book 2! I’ve got to say, I am enjoying his writing. The political intrigue and the interesting takes on the idea of ‘magic’ for lack of a better word is faaaaascinating!

    The romance was typical bloke-writing-romance-in-fantasy, in my experience. AKA, terrible. Why does it always pop the fuck up out of nowhere? Like, seriously. Come the fuck on. Their chemistry would be entirely workable if he actually explored it in any depth. *peeve peeve peeve peeve*

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