A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

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4.5* – I get it, but I also don’t GET it.


RHYSAND! – absolutely hit gold with this character, dude. Please don’t ruin him in Book 3.

The fact Feyre wasn’t the same whingy, blind, stupid ass woman in the first one but we still saw some of that. She grew and healed but it wasn’t overnight, which I also appreciated. And the fact Tamlin was recognised as being the huge pile of trash I always knew he was. (people still ship them?! why?!)

The Night Court – my aesthetic. I would live there. Forever.

The Pacing – A lot of the time this was very fast paced and I didn’t even skip lengthy shit until the finale, when I got bored with melodrama and villain speeches.

The Humour – Hello, Feyre Darling. GUH. I loved their snarky back and forths and the tickles and the flirting. Which is what makes the what I didn’t like so impactful to me.


The sex got boring. I mean there are only so many ways you can write a sex scene, I get it, but at the same time, sometimes tender moments are best left to the imagination. I know sometimes she says “we made love” great – but do we have to have 10 pages of rutting and fingers and slickness? It sort of takes away the impact of it, to me anyway. If you’ve read one SJM sex scene you’ve read ’em all. And since I’ve written sex scenes in various diferent guises since I was about 17, I know what works for me.

The bite, dare I say?, disappeared when Rhys and Feyre got together. Rhys was transformed from a complex, funny and interesting individual to a winnowy, growly, brutish mess which I get in concept of the Fae thing, but ultimately – boring. Fawning over Feyre’s every single move and all dopey. YAWN.

Similarly, when he’s explaining to Feyre about his time under the mountain, it was basically in the same voice as Alis’ long explanation in book 1. I didn’t see any nuances of the character I’d grown to love in that speech. Nor in his POV chapter. It was basically the same as Feyre.

I also wondered why it had to be male and female, no room for anyone else, all tied up in a neat Friends-type bow? GIVE ME SOME VARIETY, diversity! Why couldn’t Lucien be gay? Why do her sisters all have to be the mates of the other elves so conveniently?

So despite the MASSIVE improvement and how I was connected to Rhysand for the first 80%, that’s why this book was 4.5* for me.

Will I get book 3? Probably. But not for a while. I know there are massive flaws in rep in Book 3 already but I hate being left on a cliffhanger where the douchiest of all douchebags is hopefully going to get his arse served to him on a Night Court platter. So I’ll try and get it from the library.





5 thoughts on “A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas

  1. The heteronormativity and bland sex scenes is what turns me off of Sarah J. Maas’ work. I looked into the later books in the ToG series and when I found out they were primarily sex scenes between beautiful straight couples I didn’t even bother finishing. I agree, she should throw in some diversity once in awhile just to change things up.

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    1. Exactly! I was hoping to see at least one gay or bisexual character, or that Mates could be of the same gender, or *something*. I don’t think I’ll ever pick up the ToG series, but I’m glad I’m now familiar with some of SJM’s work

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