Top 5 Wednesday

#T5W – Future Classics

Top Five Wednesday is a fabulous group on Goodreads where, every Wednesday, we get to run down our top 5s of various subjects. This week –

Let us know the books you think will be considered classics one day!

I suppose for this week it made me consider what I would consider makes up a classic itself – why it stands the test of time. Why people keep going back to read it, or love it, and that it never dies. The books I recommend to people over and over again.

For me, it’s always about the characters – the plot comes second, but it’s handy to have a great one of those, too.

So here are the top 5 books I will consider a *must read* for my children, or my children’s kids, one day.

sixofcrowsYou will never get me to stop loving this book. I know some people who didn’t love it – and I respect that. But this spoke to me on several levels. The character of Kaz and his reveal – as to why he wears gloves – broke me down. It was so unexpected.

Inej, one of the most wonderful female characters, offered a view of quietly determined, passionate and wise women we don’t often see in modern day media (thanks, male writers)

And the whole language between them that was used, the wry sarcasm, just… augh. I bought it 5 times I think for my friends.




This is a brilliant, effortless science fiction and character study and yet another I will never stop loving. I’m yet to read the sequel – if it can be considered a sequel? – but it’s another show of characterisation which will grab hold of you and never let go.





I’ve yet to read this, because the UK never seem to get hyped books fast enough, but I’ve heard enough from trusted friends to know that I will probably cry, and it will probably make me look at myself and examine any of my own prejudices, and then burst open my eyes wide to the world which I’m already trying to actively see differently.






*cries for hours* I can’t. This is a soul book series for me. I love everything mentioned – ravens, ley lines, psychics, WALES, kings, prophets, feminists, strong females, RONAN LYNCH.

gathering-of-shadows_ukcover-400x586This is my favourite book of the entire trilogy. I absolutely adore it. And again, it’s a fantasy series which not ALL people fall in love with – for some reason – and I understand our tastes are different. But Lila Bard, Kell, Rhy and Holland are, again, ALL exquisite characters and I would gladly read about them, and this world, for hours. I plan on buying the collector’s edition as well.







MINI EDIT– I left off Harry Potter – because hello, that’s still going strong despite some fuckery recently – and American Gods, because I feel that’s already becoming a mini-classic of fantasy in its own right.



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