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The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater – LOVE


I don’t think I can quite fully describe how absolutely in love with this series I really am.

Is it perfect? Nope. No book is actually perfect, if you get into the nitty gritty. But  I absolutely, 100% will miss this world now I’ve finished the entire series, and I long for more journeys in Henrietta, and more stories about the psychics of 300 Fox Way, and the Gray Man, and the entire gang. And if that’s not a testament to a great series, I don’t know what is.

I know some people didn’t like how the last book wrapped things up, saying it didn’t explain Glendower, but I was pretty satisfied. To me, it made sense that Glendower ended up being a dead king unable to wake – that Gansey had to face up to his own mortality, and that everything came together that way. That he BECAME the King. That little Noah ❤ my babe, was the one to tell him about the fantastic journey he would be going on in the first place. It was a big, full circle just like everyone had continuously talked about in the books.

I know some people said not ALL the questions were answered – I can’t even remember all the questions I asked during it, but I wasn’t confused. I know the Gray Man’s whereabouts is ambiguous, but hopefully even more things will be explored during the Ronan Trilogy.

I can’t WAIT for the Ronan Trilogy.


In reality, these books were love letters to the characters themselves, and what GLORIOUS characters they were! I loved them all. The late addition of Henry Cheng is a delight, even though I sometimes wished he’d just be quiet and let the original quartet work, but anyone who walks out to do the bins in just a Madonna t-shirt, undies and socks wins in my view.

Adam Parrish had the biggest redeeming story arc of the lot, from me liking him, to disliking him, to loving him and shipping him with Ronan. He grew very authentically. He’s now one of my favourites ❤

Ronan Lynch, though – oh Ronan. You speak to me on a soul level. I  love that potty mouthed, wounded little Dream Thief so much. He’s broken and battered just as much as Adam is, and I feel that’s how they truly understand each other. He loves so fiercely. *pet*

Gansey is the type of boy I would have a ridiculous crush on, especially when he puts on his glasses. I don’t know why I fall for posh boys, but I do. He’s spirited, he’s multi-dimensional, he can’t help himself sometimes. He has foot-in-mouth a lot of the time, and augh. He’s lovely.

Blue Sargent is my perfect little feminist pocket rocket, and I love her. She longs for more,  she’s a dreamer, she’s not dour or mopey, she throws herself into things and she’s so brave. Her relationship with Gansey is great, but I love her interactions with RonanImage result for 300 fox way the most. And I like the fact she wants to change her life on her own, without relying on anyone else to do it for her (unlike some YA heroines).

300 Fox Way – Can I be a psychic there please? I love that house. Persephone, Calla and Maura are just badasses, and the females in this story are just incredible. They’re real, and nuanced, and all so very individual. I’m torn between Persephone and Calla as my favourites. Persephone had a hidden strength and Calla was so fiercely protective. Psychic Power!

Anyway, yeah, I’m still planning on visiting Virginia as soon as I can and trying to find the ley lines and generally going to pretend I’m a cross between Gansey and Ronan, because essentially someone called me “Ronsey” recently and yeah…




2 thoughts on “The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater – LOVE

  1. I am always up for squealing about The Raven Cycle!! I love this series so so much, it’s one of those series that I know I will be re-reading for the rest of my life. I had some criticism about The Raven King, but I still loved it, it still stands head and shoulders above most books, and it was on my best of 2016 year-end list. The characters in these books just feel so real and are so engaging. Among favourite moments in this series, I actually had to take a second and put the book (BLLB) down and breathe because I was starting to tear-up when Gansey and Ronan show up in the courtroom for Adam and when he accepts help, it was such a moment of growth for the character. I actually squealed out loud at the ‘Pynch’ moments in the final book, and I adore the ladies of 300 Fox Way. Love these books!

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    1. Yes!! I teared up so much when they arrived at the court house, I was just so pleased. It hit me more than it does in films where someone runs after the person at the airport, because it meant so much more. I absolutely adored that bit. And Pynch moments, lord – Claws and Beak ❤

      I don't know whether I'll fall for any other characters as much as I fell for these (apart from my own, perhaps)


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