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REVIEW: Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde


When BFFs Charlie, Taylor and Jamie go to SupaCon, they know it’s going to be a blast. What they don’t expect is for it to change their lives forever.

Charlie likes to stand out. SupaCon is her chance to show fans she’s over her public breakup with co-star, Jason Ryan. When Alyssa Huntington arrives as a surprise guest, it seems Charlie’s long-time crush on her isn’t as one-sided as she thought.

While Charlie dodges questions about her personal life, Taylor starts asking questions about her own.

Taylor likes to blend in. Her brain is wired differently, making her fear change. And there’s one thing in her life she knows will never change: her friendship with Jamie—no matter how much she may secretly want it to. But when she hears about the Queen Firestone SupaFan Contest, she starts to rethink her rules on playing it safe.

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3.5 *

No lie – this book  has seriously GREAT messages. And I’m so happy there are books out where where girls can be out and proud, geeks, of all colours and embraced in a novel. A fair few of the times I really resonated with the geekery and fangirlishness of these characters. But some of the really touching messages are lost in a hotchpotch of other things I couldn’t quite connect to.

The first half, I really enjoyed, where we see the three of them settling into SupaCon, but by the end I was a little distracted by the OTT dialogue of openness, wonderfulness and joy.  The only conflicts I can truly remember were about Chase, who was a world class douche, and Taylor’s dealings with her panic attacks.

Everybody – and I’m not saying this because I’m a cynic (ah, who am I kidding?!) was too nice to each other. Like… instant forgiveness. Instant love. “Harboured a crush on you 5ever” type deals. Is nobody a teenager with a grudge any more? Or was that just me…

Personally, there was a bit too much dialogue in ratio to the inner thoughts of the characters and I couldn’t really suspend my disbelief. Nobody kept their thoughts to themselves. Which basically, could have been a good thing. I think it lost me at the zombie re-enactment (not a spoiler, I promise). It might have been the pacing – it could have afforded to be a bit longer in my opinion.

BUT – it was fun, I enjoyed it, and it was a super quick read, I think I read it in under 2 hours total. It’s great that just a joyful and open book is out there, but I don’t think it was for me.





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