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Mid-February Book Round-Up

CURRENTLY READING (both via NetGalley)


So far – I had to put it down at 26% and have a good cry, because Molly is basically speaking to the 17 year old fat girl still residing inside me.


So far – it’s very well written and there’s a good ‘mood’ about it but it’s too soon to really get into the characters or see how distinctive they are. I have a feeling this is a ‘grower’.



Image result for future threat

I read the first one, it was a very competent novel but some of the shocks didn’t hit me in the feels like I wanted them to. I’ve had a sneaky look and so far, this begins and seems much stronger than the first book.

Image result for MASQUERADE book 3

I hope this doesn’t really 100% require the first two books to be read, because I didn’t realise this was a third book. It excites me anyway!

Image result for empress fall david hair

THERE IS SO MUCH LORE. Seriously, there’s like 10 pages on the ebook which describes the history and magic. I  need to be not-alm0st-sleeping when I read this.

Image result for quests of the kings

I read the first chapter of this already, to get into it – it was non-stop dialogue. This may become a DNF unless it perks up.

In Print

Image result for the dream thieves cover

MY BABIES. My darling Ronan ❤ Noah ❤ Blue ❤ Gansey ❤ CALLA ❤ I’m so excited I could finally order this. It’ll arrive before ACOL below, so I hope I can read it in time to devour the other one.

Image result for a conjuring of light uk



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