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CURSE OF STARS by Donna Compositor


** I was graciously given this title to read through Netgalley for a full and honest review.

From the title to the cover to the description, I SO wanted to love this book.

I’m really sad that I didn’t. I feel it could have offered so much more. It seemed a little tell-y to me at the start, and I felt as though we were rushing through the action with little character to truly draw me in.

I didn’t know enough about the characters to care who the man was at the top of the stairs so early on in the proceedings, and by the time they reached the train station in chapter 2 I wasn’t 100% sure what their aim was.

Also the dialogue was very clipped, and revealed only what the story needed, which under any circumstance is fine but it read like a bad stage play. I think given a bit more natural dialogue, and easing into the story a bit more, it would have maybe set up for the action events later.

I didn’t get a sense of character from it, and it felt a little juvenile in the way it was presented? IDK maybe I’m just picky but I found it hard to continue when I cared so little.

It’s with regret I give this 2*.


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