‘The Young Elites’ Review

First review of 2017! Yay! And THE YOUNG ELITES gets 4 *! 

****contains mild Spoilers*****

Ok I have conflicting feelings about this book. On the one hand, I felt it began really slowly. On the other hand, the latter half makes up for everything I didn’t like in the first.

Things I didn’t connect with:

I didn’t enjoy the disconnection between Adelina and myself as a reader. A couple of things got my back up, such as statement addressing.

“That’s another thing to love about me. I steal.”

I didn’t like that. Plus I didn’t see her steal anything else in the entire book.

There was also a point later on where she’s talking to Enzo, I think, and says “I answer his question” – I literally folded back the page three times to check what they’d just said because there were no questions asked there.

So the early descriptions and getting to know the characters fell slightly flat. I absolutely adored Raffaele and I felt the plot moved more smoothly when it was third person present than first person present, but that’s a personal a preference mostly because Adelina wasn’t my favourite character amongst all the players.

Teren seemed a basic baddie until we got further in. Also the *SPOILER ALERT* plot with the queen? That came out of left field without any warning in my opinion so I was a bit “they what now?”

I also didn’t see any connection blossoming between Enzo and Adelina since they barely speak, yet they both fall in love. And the only connection despite affinity for the same stones was that she impressed him? Come on.

DESPITE all that there are some brilliant and unexpected twists in this novel, and when Adelina got dark that’s when she became interesting. I don’t want to spoil it, but the ending 20 pages where the Daggers and Adelina talk were not expected. I ended up really liking Violetta, who before then was nothing more than a necessary plot device to make Adelina do bad things*tm and go against her new order.

And I cried. I didn’t expect to cry. So there’s that going for it.

I will read the sequel, might take me a while as there’s others I want to read first, but this was an enjoyable read in the end!


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