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New Year’s Resolutions & 2016 Revelations

2016, as many people have lamented, has been a tough year. Struggles from political angles, personal angles, widespread problems, uprisings, civil unrest, media turning a blind eye to bigger issues – very trying year indeed.

It’s no wonder many of my friends have said they haven’t achieved as much as they wanted to this year. And for me it’s the same.

Except I didn’t want to focus on the terrible things which happened this year. I wanted to focus on the joy. I may have had an operation, I may have had to walk away from a stupid man who caused me upset, I may have had to deal with depression and anxiety diagnosis – but there have been moments of pure joy too.

So here is a list of great things which happened this year which is greatly influencing my 2017 goals:

  1. Had my gallbladder whipped out so I could eat pizza and other normal food again
  2. Ma and I beat the man* and may actually get a break for a bit
  3. We also went to Stratford Upon Avon to visit Ma’s birthplace and found the most giant scones ever.
  4. Dear friend Amanda came back over to Eng-a-lund after 4 years and we finally entered the TARDIS!
  5. Discovered four wonderful new female authors, all of whom have actually spoken to me. I did not pee.
  6. Started dancing with Kiah and made a right fool of myself at Salsa. Still can’t bloody waltz.
  7. Jacqui and Arianna had a cute baby and it’s the first time I’ve been excited over spawn.
  8. Saw the gorgeousnesss which is Jack Savoretti perform.
  9. Met Leigh Bardugo & Rainbow Rowell and wanted to join their gang
  10. Finished writing and editing a book which doesn’t seem to be sucking cause people are interested.
  11. Started writing two more books, neither of which seem to be sucking either (yet).
  12. I discovered Eddie Redmayne and his cuteness.
  13. Girly lunch with the ladies! (2017 needs to be full of those ok?)
  14. Captain America: Civil War didn’t piss me off too much. ❤ Bucky ❤
  15. Realised a lot about myself and how strong I am, but also where my lines are drawn when it comes to other people’s bullshit.

*not literally, though I was tempted

All in all while 2016 was confusing, emotional, disruptive, annoying, and riddled with health concerns, those little moments made it worthwhile and memorable for the right reasons too.

So what do I want to achieve in 2017?

  • I want to read 30+ books. This year I managed 22, and after a definite writing slump previously I am hankering for more books after this busy reading year!
  • Write more. Sounds simple but really isn’t. I want to finish two of the books I started, as well as create more blog posts and continue my fan fiction of Sherlock as well as the Channillo series I unceremoniously abandoned when I became ill.
  • More girly lunches!
  • Start and continue yoga, weekly if not daily. My body needs it.
  • Review every single book.

It seems simple when I put it in bulletpoints, but I know it’s going to be challenging. Life usually gets in the way but I will be fiercely protective over writing days.

A full review of my 2016 in books will be up shortly. In the mean time I’d love to know what others have in store for their own versions of 2017!


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