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Stuff. From my head.

So I recently asked a dear friend of mine for 9+ years, whom I met in a writing group (I say writing group it was actually a supernatural RPG but we hit it off) to read my work in progress. Needless to say she knows me very well and knows my writing damn well also.

Her opinion means a lot to me. She once said she disliked some of my characters not because they were unlikable, but they were so realistically human she automatically hated them. She is an self-confessed misanthrope so I took that as a positive.

She said she would like to read my mind-spew if I wanted her to read it. Of course I do. But as I started sending her the first 9 chapters I felt like I had to explain myself —


Here are the first 9 chapters to read at your leisure, perhaps not at your pleasure. We will see.

I feel like the following should be a constant disclaimer –


  1. This is the first draft. Even I hate it.
  2. If there are plot gaps please tell me cause it’s likely I got a new idea and went SHINY!
  3. Your opinions on the characters means a great deal. I can figure out the plot issues (I hope), but if I need to fix the characters let me know
  4. General “cool” or “eh.”


Many thanking yous for your un-nominated time.


I find it very lucky that she knows me but even if I were sending it to general strangers interested in reading what I have to say I feel it would remain the same. I hate the first drafts. I do get SHINY! ideas. And characters mean more to me than plot, sometimes, for if you don’t like the characters – why would you read more? If their world is ending, but you don’t care about them, then  you won’t read on.


I don’t really know what this blog post was meant to be about all I know is I wanted to post this email on my blog. Maybe it is to show that sharing work is scary, even to friends who’ve seen you at your worst. Because no matter how sniffly, ill or cried-out they’ve seen you, they’ve never seen that creative little part of your brain and soul which demands to come out on the page.


So, while I wait with bated breath to see what my dear ally has to say about the world I created on a bus journey five months ago, I will write down more stuff from my head, and see what my soul has to say next.



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