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Cover Reveal for “The Silent Town”!

Happy New Year one and all!

You might remember I mentioned I am writing a book series for Channillo – a website which promotes the wonderful concept of serialised Books.

I am incredibly excited to announce not only that the first chapter of “The Silent Town” will be released on Friday 8th January, but I have a brand-spanking new sparkly cover I would adore all of you to see!


Isn’t it gorgeous? *fans self*

I’m over the moon with this cover. A modern fantasy mystery, The Silent Town follows unassuming Englishman Arthur Barclay as he attempts to survive the cryptic community of Morsenna, where all is most definitely not as it seems.

When Arthur’s brother goes missing hours before he’s due to start an undercover mission, Arthur takes his place to infiltrate a secret and elusive community suspected of criminal acts.

Run by a powerful family, the town of Morsenna and its inhabitants remain a complete mystery. Many believe they are the force behind countless disappearances and espionage yet they’ve never been caught. There are many rumours as to why they’ve escaped the law, but the amount of secrecy runs deeper than many can imagine.

It’s Arthur’s intention to uncover this truth whatever the cost, but it’s not long before he realises he’s risked more than his own life to encounter – and survive – the most dangerous family in Europe.

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I look forward to sharing this with you!


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