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Now a writer at ‘Channilo’!

So, you might not know what the heck Channilo is – but for readers and writers especially, I believe it’s going to be quite popular.

Think of it almost like except it features original work – authors can update their fiction /non-fiction series weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for however long it takes to complete the story. Like a TV series only better.

Similarly, writers of short fiction can upload a short story any time they like, and subscribers can access it immediately.

This to me is exciting for various reasons, the biggest being that while I loved writing fan fiction in my younger days, I always wished there was a format which enabled to write an original series and have the same “like and review” format.

There’s nothing better than supporter feedback when you’re trying to refine your craft because they want you to improve too. They don’t just say nice things, they say (hopefully) constructive things. Although the nice things are better pick-me-ups than hot chocolate on a cold day.

Channilo’s concept is like Netflix but with new original books. For a small monthly subscription readers can subscribe to as many series as they need, and they get to interact with the author and – again with the hopeful part – anticipate when the next ‘chapisode’ comes out. As far as I can see, it’s a win win.

“But what about you, Jade, what series are YOU doing?!” I ask myself.

Well, I’m doing a modern fantasy mystery series. Sort of. I don’t believe it has a set genre, but I believe it has a story people will want to read. I will of course be posting links and excerpts to whet the appetite of any who may be interested, as well as character posts.

I love character posts.

I also love designing book covers, which I’m happy to distract myself with until I have to go to work later and daydream about what I’m going to write.


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