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Time Well Spent

I am a bad, bad bloggy person.

But I have an excuse! Several in fact. Work being one, Ma being ill another, Ma having a great birthday an extra one, and also October being a giant stress-fest being the biggest of all.

I’m still entering contests and working on dear George who gets abandoned every now and again when I have too much on my plate. The contests, with their restrictive word counts, do wonders to help me refine what I believe the story is. The premise, the core, the bone of the plot around which everything else is meat and sinew.

Don’t want too much of a fatty story, now, do we? Bad for the reading arteries.

So I’m now looking at the book through different eyes – I see what makes the story too cluttered and confusing, which information is necessary and which information can be placed elsewhere – if needed. Characters become more refined because of the way I use them to fill up plot holes left by 500-word scenes I no longer have.

The underused become used and I feel them happier in my head.

Don’t send the straightjacket yet, please.

It helps that October / November are the months and delicious Autumn the season in which George’s tale is set. I see what he’ll see, I smell what he’ll smell and the list goes on with the behaviour of people and chill of the air interpreted neatly into his book.

I’m entering PitchSlam this time, so let’s see how that goes. It’s already helped me figure out – as did PitchWars – the main core of my plot, but now I feel it becoming more rounded and I understand what I’ve written so much better than I did when I was first getting it from my head into cohesive (sometimes) sentences. A CP friend of mine once told me the themes she believed I was writing about.

I hadn’t written the book with any themes in mind, but I gradually realised that perhaps I did have something to say, and it was coming out through this weird, entangled story of George and his hopeless fascination with everything occult.

It’s a great thing to look upon your work and finally see clearly. It might not be what everyone else sees, but then again nobody ever reads the same book.

Til next time!

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