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PitchWars Potential Mentee Bio

Hello potential Adult PitchWars mentor!

I’m Jade, and in the spirit of some of the gif-tastic bio pages from Mentors, I thought I’d put together a summary of myself with the assistance of my spirit animal Bernard Black (from the incredible Black Books).



Well, first – a little bit about me:

* Professional Tarot Reader (yes, really)
* Part-time Study Support Aid at Staffordshire University for disabled students
* INFP / Scorpio / Slytherin (Pottermore said it so it has to be true)
* Won a few awards in my life for writing, film making and also knowing a lot of Doctor Who quiz answers.
* Crewed for various films including Captain America: The First Avenger. (NERDY FREAK OUT!)
* Favourite authors are too many to mention, but top picks are: Neil Gaiman, Poppy Brite, Sergei Lukyanenko, Jane Austen, J.K Rowling and of course the granddaddy of them all JRR Tolkien.
* I have 2 cats, Archie and Pippin (I’m waiting for Merry to come along)
* ‘Monty Python Quotes’ encyclopedia, LOTR lover and Sherlockian to the core.
* Also, not one to brag but – THE best baker of wholemeal, fresh ginger and chocolate chip cupcakes.

A little bit longer about me:

(not Bernard but amazingly accurate)

I’m 27, English, and I have a huge affinity with Middle Earth and its spiritual home New Zealand having lived there for 6 months in 2013. I appear to be the writer in my family amongst the opera singers, directors, dancers and ice skaters.

I’m currently Entertainment Editor for online magazine ‘Strike’, columnist for TheCircle tarot magazine and I’ve also contributed to several other sources including MumsRU and Myddle Earth Midlands.

Books and writing have been a constant companion for me throughout my life. There’s not a day goes by when I’m not writing or reading, or reading about writing and vice versa. I’ve turned to books like best friends in years gone by, and it’s always been a wish that a book of mine could be used as a similar source of comfort to someone else.

I love urban fantasy, exaggerating characters met in everyday life. I enjoy the idea that no matter how monotonous your ‘real life’ may seem, your neighbour could very well be a fallen goddess with a penchant for topiary or your boss has found a forgotten realm under his bed.


Why not? I’ve been looking for someone to help hone my book for a while now, because not only have I written this bad boy over a period of 8 years, I’ve exhausted friends, family and beta readers in the making of it. It’s become so familiar to me I need fresh eyes on it – more importantly, I need experienced eyes on it.


The best tutors at my Uni challenged me when developing my scripts, assured me when I was nervous but overall helped me hone and shape them into the mini-festival award-winning short films they became. ‘PitchWars’ looks like it could do the same for my novel and I feel I would greatly benefit from the mentor/mentee relationship. It can be tricky to balance, it can be difficult (especially in the instance someone goes ‘wtf is that?’) but overall it’s massively rewarding – and reassuring, seeing I have an overgrown, creative maze of a brain.

(^ accurate representation of me in natural habitat)

Getting a book published is more than a mere Bucket List ambition. The story I present to you is my baby from the last 8 years of toil, sweat and satisfaction of bus-journey daydreaming and AHA! moments.

I am dedicated, I am ready and I am fully prepared to be up until 3am to compensate for time differences or to complete the revisions needed. I take constructive criticism, in fact I welcome it.

I wouldn’t be entering this if I couldn’t, because the most important thing to me is that my baby is set (and I am) to be thrust forth to the agent and publication God/esses. So – not to be dramatic, but in doing this, I offer you my life!

I want to find my book’s best friend, and I’m hoping it can start with you.

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