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Pitchy PitchWars

My eyes are currently crossing and my head is filled with nothing but character dialogue.

Why? Well, I’ll be entering the ‪#‎PitchWars‬ competition this year!

It’s where writers can query 5 professional mentors with their novel. Then the mentors choose which one they want to work with, dedicate 2 months of their time for free helping the writers edit, refine and develop a polished manuscript and prepare for the Agent round in November.

I’m in the process of whittling down an extensive list of mentors to 5 I’d like to work with and (hopefully) would like to work with me. It’s tricky so far, but on a personal level I’m heartened by the amount of Trekkie and Supernatural references I’m seeing from the mentor bios.

A lot of editing, polishing and checking is being done between now and the 17th so be fully prepared to see banging-head pictures here in the mean time!


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