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A Writer’s Procrastination

I, Jade Writesbooks, hereby start a list with things that I, as an aspiring writer, have done to avoid sitting in front of the computer to edit the novel that’s giving me gip lately:

* Painted the main wall of my bedroom lilac in preparation for my soul sister in NZ, Aimee, potentially coming to stay.
* Googled for Rugs – Dr Who rugs, Cosmic rugs, novelty rugs, to go in said bedroom (and get annoyed when nothing found)
* Hoovered the cobwebs hanging around the back of my computer
* Wrote a list of things I need to give to charity
* Found those things and put them in a bag for charity
* Went to town and bought unnecessary things including a folder
* Used said folder to keep all my print outs and general plot points together (ok so that was related)
* Scribbled stupid drawings in the new sketchbook
* Watched Wimbledon
* Searched the #tenqueries tag in the hope of being inspired

So as you can see, this week has been very very productive – just not in the way my novel would have liked.

I did however finish editing the first three chapters to within an inch of their lives and am awaiting feedback from the dear Mistress Morris of This Lass Reviews as I gave them to her to critique.

So – perhaps not entirely a wasted week. Chapter four beckons…

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